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Existing LinkTree User but interested in
Good news - can work with LinkTree as a booking plugin to allow agents and artists to easily add booking plugins to any LinkTree Page, allowing you to easily manage all kinds of booking work from LinkTree quicker than you can say “book me at Tomorrowland!” Picture
Unleash the Power of on LinkTree
LinkTree + Integration acts as a powerful plugin for LinkTree, effortlessly adding a bookings menu to any existing LinkTree page.
With a click, your audience can explore a wide range of services, from DJ sets to wedding appearances, festival mainstage shows, podcast appearances, and more.
Straight from LinkTree with a Link in bio menu for bookings.

How It Works

Easily create a parallel account on
Add a button named "Bookings/Work" on your LinkTree page.
Connect it to to benefit from analytics and popularity insights, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your audience engagement.

Analytics and Booking Insights analyzes your booking requests so you can quickly find out what is the most popular option for bookings amongst live shows, remixes, and more.
So you can use data to find out when people are interested in booking from your LinkTree page and what they are interested in booking before they request.

Got an Agent, Manager or Agents

Lucky you! We make it easy to add this
Create a button called “Contact live agent” and you can add territory-specific agents and management to your page.

Easy-to-Use Work Management System

Enjoy an easy-to-use booking system where you can manage all your bookings, riders, press packs, and soon contracts and invoices efficiently.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

By combining LinkTree and, you get the best of both worlds - a visually appealing LinkTree page with the added functionality of a robust stylish booking system.

Promo Page and Booking Hub isn't just about bookings; use your page as a standalone promo page to showcase your mixes, collaborations, and more. If you wish, and it works well with WhatsApp, you can also use the bookings page and WhatsApp to send and create quick booking inquiries from clients on the fly.

How to Get Started

Create Your Account
- Sign up and unlock the power of seamless bookings and analytics.

Integrate with LinkTree
- Add the "Bookings/Work" button to your LinkTree page and connect it to

Got an Agent?
- We make it easy to add this - Create a button called “Contact live agent,” and you can add territory-specific agents and management to your page.

Manage Bookings Effortlessly
- Enjoy the ease of managing all your bookings, contracts, and invoices in one centralized hub.

Note- LinkTree is not affiliated with The solution is technical, just like any link on LinkTree but turbocharged!